Soil Association AND COSMOS

certified. ethically and sustainably sourced organic ingredients

A product can only carry the Cosmos Organic logo if meets strict criteria

A product can only carry the Cosmos Organic logo if:


When you see this symbol, you know what the treatment you’re putting on your skin contains the highest levels of ethically and sustainably sourced organically-grown natural ingredients.
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Sustainably sourced organic ingredients
Transparent manufacturing processes
Protecting wildlife and biodiversity
Natural colours and fragrances
Only from plants and flowers
Maximum recycled content
Biodegradable ingredients
Minimal packaging
Animal testing
GM ingredients
Controversial chemicals
Parabens and Phthalates
Synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances


And just as, or possibly more importantly, it’s free from anything ‘undesirable’ – you’d be amazed what’s in some products with labels that screamed ‘natural’ (ingredients with absolutely no relation to Mother nature, that’s for sure).
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Organic Skincare

Independently Certified
We don’t like compromise. It leads to skincare being called ‘natural’ when there’s only the tiniest droplet of the big name natural, and a whole host of cheaper man-made ingredients. Or worse, something being called ‘organic’ when it has a lovely natural ingredient, mixed in with some highly dubious petrochemical-based ingredients.

No thank you! Our skincare is checked and certified by Soil Association/Cosmos Organic, the gold standard and one of the world’s strictest organic authorising bodies. We’re not looking for an easy ride, when we say something is independently verified, it’s to the highest most stringent possible standards.
When you see this logo, you know you can trust that the skincare inside contains: sustainably sourced organic ingredients, It’s been made following transparent manufacturing processes, and it’s packaged with minimal materials with maximum recycled content.

The logo, where displayed, is also your reassurance that at least 85% of ALL ingredients in the product are organic, that it hasn’t been tested on animals, it contains no parabens and phthalates, GM ingredients or other controversial chemicals, and absolutely no synthetic colours or dyes. Oh, and for us at least, it’s vegan too – there’s no honey or other animal products in our formulations.
Our skincare doesn’t compromise. It’s luxurious, natural, kind and above all, it works. And we’ve independent testing and certification to prove it.
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